My good friend Bonnie Tyler

April 12th, 2013

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Bonnie’s long-time friend Lorraine Crosby was on BBC’s The Voice last weekend and she was disappointed to hear the judges didn’t turn round for her.

Bonnie says “I spoke to her after the show and she said she had a few technical issues and couldn’t really hear herself and felt she was out of tune. I said ‘You?! Out of tune? Impossible!’ I’m telling you now- that girl is amazing. I have never heard her sing anything other than perfectly in tune.”

In fact, everyone will know Lorraine’s voice as she sings on the infamous Meat Loaf track “I Would Do Anything For Love” but no one knows it’s her as they used a model miming the track in the actual video. In fact, bizarrely it was the model who was offered record contracts when the song came out.

As Bonnie says “Lorraine did an amazing job on that song. She is incredible and deserves much more recognition for her talent.”

When asked about The Voice coaches, it’ll perhaps come as a surprise to learn that Bonnie wouldn’t necessarily choose fellow Welshman Tom. “Tom’s amazing. I worked with him years back when i opened for him at the Greek Theatre in L.A. back in the ’70’s – and of course he’s Welsh! But I’m also a big fan of Jessie J she’s a great vocalist.”