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Indie Showcase

May 24th, 2012

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Lorraine gets interviewed on Awesome radio.



Mrs Loud

Lorraine Crosby aka Mrs Loud,  made her way into the hearts of rockers a long time ago with her famed duet with Meatloaf – I Would Do Anything For Love. But baby she hasn’t stopped thrilling audiences and listeners worldwide. Her album “Mrs Loud” was released in 2008 but is continually attracting new listeners. It showcases Lorraine Crosby’s unique abilities as a Rock Goddess to bring fans to their knees. Her vocal skills are truly exhilarating. Lorraine Crosby is probably the best female rock singer ever released. Her style is gritty, sexy, lusty and rockin`! She moves easily from kick ass rock to sultry ballads without batting her gorgeous eyes.

“Mrs Loud” was written and produced by the talented Stu Emerson. What a combination for success!

This album is pure heaven. It has been mixed and mastered with such finesse and polish. Lorraine Crosby feels the lyrics and transmits them direct to the listeners blood stream. She is an exceptional talent. This woman can achieve anything and makes her listeners feel the same. Now, that is something quite rare in these days of boxed instruments and vocal tracks. Lorraine Crosby is the real deal.

“Mrs Loud” has 12 songs to rock the world with and believe me, rock it does. Each track has a life of its own and first class lyrics which Mrs Loud conveys with expertise. Each individual track is as exceptional as the one before. This is an album that has not been given its proper respect. I am here to tell you, if you have not heard this delicious collection of songs nor heard this phenomenal Queen of rock, I challenge you to now. “Mrs Loud” is one the best albums ever recorded. I am jealous of the people in England who have the opportunity to see Lorraine Crosby aka Mrs Loud live!

The 3 tracks I have singled out with much difficulty are:

1 – Sweat

This track is a sexy sultry ballad, done in a power rock ballad style that surpasses anything out there.

Mrs Loud’s strong vocals and a powerful lead guitar make this a song to remember through the ages. Instrumentation is off the wall good.This has got to be the song for lovers everywhere. Cos if this doesn’t make your blood race, your dead.

2 – Let It Roll

This track shows Mrs Loud aka Lorraine Crosby’s bad girl rocker self. Man she tears it up in a New York Minute. Drums and percussion along with exceptional lead guitar showcase Mrs Loud’s ability to play with the big boys and even surpass them. This is sheer rock yum!!

3 – Don’t Push Your Luck

This is a tasty little treat with a blues influence. Mrs Loud nails it down and puts it away with distinction and grace, but in true Mrs Loud fashion. She takes no prisoners. This lady can do it all. Rock, blues it matters not. Her voice will ring in your veins for hours after the song is done.Yes, she is THAT good.

No matter what kind of music you are into, Lorraine Crosby will win your heart. “Mrs Loud” proves that. This woman is a rarity, she is on fire. Do check her album out today. Hear her voice and range.

Listen to the exceptional band working with her. I guarantee you, you will be smartly and properly impressed. Lorraine Crosby aka Mrs Loud will win your rocker hearts.

That’s How I see it

Shashona McCall

Download the interview here