Lorraine auditioning on BBC's the voice

After appearing on the voice 6th April I would just like to thank the producers and team for the opportunity even though I didn’t get through they were wonderful with me. I would say to anyone have a go, you never know when its your turn literally!!!!! 

Good luck to all who did get through I wish them all well and the very best of luck. 

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Hope to see you all at a gig soon, the next big one is ‘She Will Rock You’ for MCN (Motorcycle News) at Butlins, Skegness on 17th April 2015. 




Lorraine had the pleasure of performing at he biennial entertainment extravaganza held in memory of the late actor, Sammy Johnson ‘Sunday for Sammy’

She performed Meatloaf’s ‘Anything for love’ and a ‘A little help from my friends’ with Tim as well singing backing vocals throughout the show with a fantastic house band comprising of Lindisfarne legends Billy Mitchell and drummer Ray Laidlaw, John Hedley,  Charlie Harcourt on guitars and Tim’s godson Jamie Squire on keyboards.

Other guests, including North East TV presenters Donna Air and Pam Royle, actresses Angela Lonsdale and Charlie Hardwick, and Fairs’ Cup winning captain and Toon legend Bobby Moncur, joined the entire cast in a moving rendition of the Lindisfarne anthem Run For Home to close the show – to rapturous applause.

This year’s bash was the seventh biennial show since 2000 when Tim Healy and Jimmy Nail launched the first Sunday for Sammy concert. They have raised more than £200,000 with an additional £50,000 coming from the sale of videos and DVDs. Since its inception the fund has given out more than£150,000 to 160 individuals.

If you would like to donate to the fund please go to www.sundayforsammy.org



Lorraine performed at The Annual Lobster Festival along side comedian Brian Conley and Brutus Gold’s Love Train  held at Hardwick Hall in County Durham.

The North East Oyster Festival was created in 2004 and is now recognised as ONE OF THE corporate events of the year in the North East Social & Corporate Calendar.