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Lorraine Crosby was born in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne in 1960. Her father died in a car crash when he collided with a bus when she was two years old, leaving her mother to raise Lorraine and her two sisters and brother. She attended Walker Comprehensive, and she sang in school and church choirs and played the violin in the orchestra but didn’t start singing until she was 20.

Inspired by Tina turner, Lorraine searched the noticeboard for bands wanting singers at the guitar shop Rock City in Newcastle. After joining several bands she set up a five-piece cabaret band which toured extensively, playing to British and American servicemen throughout the early eighties.


Back in Newcastle, she met Stuart Emerson, who was looking for a backing singer for his band. They began writing together, and also became a couple. In the early 1990s, Lorraine sent songwriter and producer Jim Steinman some demos of songs she had written with Stuart. Steinman asked to meet them so they decided to move to New york. They then followed Steinman after he moved to LA. Steinman became their manager and secured them a contract with Meat Loaf’s recording label MCA. While visiting the label’s recording studios on Sunset Boulevard, Lorraine was asked to provide guide vocals for Meat Loaf, who was recording the song “I’d doing anything for love (but I wont do that).” Cher, Melissa Etheridge and Bonnie Tyler were considered for the role. The song was a commercial success, becoming number one in 28 countries. However, as Lorraine had recorded her part as guide vocals, she did not receive any royalties from the song, nor was she actually credited on the album; the credit “Mrs. Loud” was used instead. Meat Loaf promoted the single with American vocalist Patti Russo performing the live female vocals of this song at his promotional appearances and concerts. Lorraine also sang additional backing vocals on the songs “Life Is A Lemon and I Want My Money Back,” “Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are,” and “Everything Louder Than Everything Else” from the album Bat out of hell II – Back into hell. On these three selections, she was credited under her real name rather than the alias of Mrs Loud.

Lorraine Crosby and Meatloaf
Lorraine Crosby and Jim Steinman


Lorraine regularly performed at holiday camps and social clubs in England until April 2005 when she took a break from live work.

In 2005 she sang a duet with Bonnie Tyler for the track “I’ll Stand by You” from the album Wings. The song was written and composed by Stuart Emerson about Lorraine and Bonnie’s relationship.

Lorraine Crosby and Bonnie Tyler
Lorraine Crosby, Stuart Emerson and Bonnie Tyler

She returned to live performances in April 2007.

In November 2007 Lorraine appeared on the BBC Three TV show “Most Annoying Pop Songs We Hate To Love” discussing the Meat Loaf track “I’d doing anything for love (but I wont do that)” which featured at #76.

In November 2008 she appeared at Newcastle City Hall with special guest Bonnie Tyler to launch her self-produced album entitled “Mrs. Loud.” The concert was later repeated in March 2011. In April 2009 she was also featured on The Justin Lee Collins show and performed a duet with Justin singing “Dead ringer for love,” which Meat Loaf had originated. She also performed “I’d Do Anything for Love” with Tim Healy for Sunday for Sammy in 2012.

She performs in several shows with her band which her partner Stuart also performs in.

Lorraine Crosby and Spike Gray.
Lorraine Crosby performing on stage.

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